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The goal of individual counseling is to identify what the current stressors are. In some cases, the behavior is the result of depression, anxiety or other diagnoses.


Ongoing support for parents is pivotal in our approach. Parents will often need to discover new, effective ways to relate to their children.


When ReVISION works with families, the goal is to create harmony and healthy communication between the members.


There is a saying that is well known among those who have been involved in substance abuse recovery efforts for some time…“you never get sober alone.”


Raelee Hood




The Video that Made Simon Cowell Cry Can Help Heal You and Your Family

Before we even started this organization, we spent the last 20 year finding the best possible way to deal with life’s most difficult emotional and relationship challenges. We had incredibly strict criteria including that our approach have no negative side effects.

After fine-tuning and revising this process over the decades, we finally think we have a solid grasp on it.
What is this process that even made Mr. Cowell cry?

It is contrary to what you have been taught growing up and it requires you to swallow your pride. However, the benefits are incredible.

What are the benefits?

• It begins to heal your deepest emotional wounds.

• It gathers the community around to root for you and cheer you on.

• It helps people understand you… It makes people want to cry with you instead of judge you.

• It motivates people to reach out in physical affection, like a hug.

Let’s contrast this life changing process with what we more naturally do when we cope with our problems.

Retail Therapy: We pull out the credit card and go shopping. Does it feel good? Of course it does. But, it’s expensive and only gives us a temporary relief to our problems.

Getting Really Busy: We get busy so busy and avoid feeling any of the negative emotions we might be going through.

Drugs or Alcohol Use: We use substances to escape pain, get away from boredom, or as a form of recreation. It can make you feel good for a moment, but, unfortunately, it wears off.

Video Games: Teenagers often turn to video games to forget about problems at school or home.

  • Don’t just take our word for it.
    See it in action!
  • Give us a call to set up a free assessment of your needs and see a video on this amazing process.
  • It took us the last 5 years to figure out how to capture this process on film. We would love to show you what this process looks like and how you may be able to apply these healing agents to your own life.
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