October 4, 2015



familycounselingWhen ReVISION counseling works with families, the goal is to create harmony and healthy communications between the members. All individuals are valued and the therapist aims to promote that spirit during the counseling sessions. Whether the wounds being faced deal with substance abuse or behavioral wellness, the overarching goal is to understand the root of the pain and uncover how to best move forward in unity. It must be understood that the reason for an adolescents behavioral changes maybe due to dynamics within the family. Our therapists work to unite the family unit and create stronger bonds based on mutual trust, love, and compassion.


Key Focus Areas

  • Communication Skills – How do we talk as a family? What kind of signals do we send each other?

  • Level of Trust – Where did the breakdown of trust occur? Was it intentional or overlooked?

  • Family History of Addiction – Addiction can be traced back two, three or more generations; helping to explain an individual’s susceptibility to substance abuse and how to address it as a family.


ReVISION designed family counseling sessions to focus on communications between the family members. In order to do this effectively, we quickly establish and agree upon limits and comfortable boundaries. The therapist will also discuss and set reasonable goals for the family to work toward. In some cases, drug testing will be discussed as one step towards complete healing. The goal of these meetings is to understand how family dynamics may play an important part in the overall healing process. Our team works to unite the family unit and create stronger bonds based on mutual trust, love, and compassion.



Help Is Here

familycounseling_RThere’s a saying that when your thumb hurts, your whole body feels it. Similarly, when one member of a family is in pain, the entire family feels that pain. At ReVISION, we dedicate the appropriate amount of time to teens, parents, and the family unit to find new, effective ways to listen and communicate with each other. If your family is in pain, are you willing to address that pain?




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