October 20, 2015


“We Bring Hope By Sharing Truth”

— Dr. Rick McGuckin, Chairman of the Board, ReVISION

“Luckily for us, God answered our prayers and connected our son with the staff at ReVISION. We found out later how destructive our son’s actions were…It could have turned out so badly.”

— Bill & Gayle W.


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Alcohol & Marijuana use High schoolers 12.2015c



  • 534,650 teens are living in Orange County today (Source: U.S. Census)
  • 197,200 teens drank alcohol this past month
  • 106,930 teens used marijuana this past month
  • Outpatient Programs in Orange County have a capacity to treat less than 150 teens per month


ReVISION is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Chances are you know someone grappling with the invasion of teen substance abuse or mental health problems in their family. Teen user’s self-destructive road into drug or alcohol addiction typically begins at age 13 or 14, the deadly results become apparent to you and your family 12 to 36 months later. The slow cataclysmic addiction has a head start on you and has deeply ingrained itself into your child’s psyche. Where do they turn? Where would you turn?

If you’re like most in our community, the search for professional and caring treatment is both confusing and exhausting.


Because the roadmap to restore your family to a healthy state is unique for each individual family.

This is where ReVISION steps in. Using our unique dual diagnostic and family friendly approach, our client’s receive absolute first-class care. And you also know that you’ll be treated like a real person, by dedicated, compassionate professionals in a warm, caring environment.

Currently there is a void in this type of care and it must be filled immediately.

The urgent needs within Orange County and Southern California dictate an aggressive multi-branch program that benefits both substance abusers and our entire community. Your gift will make this vision a reality and also allow us to immediately extend these critical services to underprivileged families.



The genesis of ReVISION started within my therapy practice. Over the years I became more and more focused on older adult men suffering from years of addictions. These men had three or more decades of destructive substance abuse problems along with a tsunami of devastation in their wake…broken lives, failed marriages, destroyed relationships, abandoned children, friends left behind and more. Over the years I was driven to refine my approach to addiction therapy which in turn restored the lives of many. Now its time to give back and pass on my knowledge.

Your contribution helps make ReVISION, the leading regional counseling care provider that it is.  We are so grateful to you for helping to create and support our committed organization. You are helping our team touch the lives of thousands – whether clients have an urgent need facing their teen’s devastating substance abuse problem or seeking help bringing their family back together. We exist to serve our clients – to provide hope, healing and recovery.

Your gift is extremely important because it offers immediate resources that are directed to current needs and opportunities at the center. Your gift will help make an immediate impact on urgently needed services to our community. Everyone here joins me in thanking you for your generous partnership and support.

As care advances, ReVISION is committed to staying at the cutting edge – for you, for your loved ones, for every person in the community.  Please help to make this possible with your contribution.

Your donation is helping to make our community healthier. Right here. Right now.

Thank you so much for your help.

Rick McGuckin01Dr. Rick McGuckin
Chairman of the Board




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