October 4, 2015



helpforparentsAt ReVISION, we understand that most parents have more questions than answers when it comes to dealing with a teenager who is struggling with substance abuse, alcohol or behavioral health. Our program is also designed to support parents. We do this by meeting with parents on a regular basis to answer questions and provide guidance. If you suspect your teen may have a drug, alcohol or behavioral wellness issue, you need to determine whether your suspicions are valid. We can help you with that. If you have had to confront the fact that your child has such a problem, you may feel overwhelmed.

Our goal is to first help you get past your own denial, and then to clear up the confusion that comes with accepting that there is a problem. We want to educate you about addiction, and give you the skills to assert your limits and boundaries as well as effective communication with your teen. Often times, your teen’s behavior can create division in your family, and also add tension between you and your spouse. Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of how to approach the problem together and individually.


A Few Things To Look For

 Emotional Changes

  •    Persistently sad and/or hopeless
  •    Cries suddenly or often
  •    Angry outbursts that seem like an overreaction
  •    Phobias or fears that seem exaggerated
  •    The child states that he/she feels “controlled” by bad thoughts
  •    Excessive worry or anxiety
  •    Bizarre behavior (temper tantrums, rambling speech, paranoid thoughts)







Behavioral Changes

  •    School performance declines dramatically
  •    No longer interested in activities that he/she once enjoyed
  •    Isolates and withdrawals, avoids friends, and family
  •    Changes peer group and avoids introducing new friends to family
  •    Threatening suicide
  •    Significant changes in how they express themselves (more agitation)
  •    More depressed than usual, poor sleep patterns
  •    Changes in weight and eating habits
  •    Destructive toward self, others, or property
  •    Dramatic changes in appearance (clothing, body piercing, tattoos)
  •    Stealing (from home and/or shoplifting)


Help Is Here

REvision believes working with parents is just as important as working with teens. Parents will often need to discover new, effective ways to relate to their children. They need to understand how to create a helpful, structured environment. We work with all involved to produce happy, healthy relationships. It is possible!


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