October 6, 2015




Individual counseling is an essential part of the healing process. The first goal of individual counseling is to identify experiences that brought you here today; feeling down or depressed, difficulty dealing with the anxiety and stress in your life, parenting, peer relationships.

Whatever your situation we recognize that you are looking at ways to enjoy life again and overcome your problems and be more effective. You are a unique individual and one-to-one contact helps us identify the roots of your problems and develop ways to overcome them. There is hope!



What Makes Us Different?

psychiatricconsultationMost of the help you will find online will be private practitioners. They work in isolation without regular feedback from other professionals. At ReVISION, we have built a well-qualified team of therapists and professionals with many years of experience. The advantages for you are twofold. One advantage is that we hire specialists in many different aspects of life. We have depression specialists, anxiety specialists, teen specialists, drug addiction specialists, etc.

Why would you want to see a marriage specialist when you are having problems with your teen? Why would you see a depression specialists if you are having trouble with addiction. So instead of seeing any old therapist, we will assign you with a therapist that specializes in your particular struggle. Together we will start to build a wellness plan based on your individual needs.

The second advantage is that each associate at ReVISION is also supervised by award winning therapist, Ed Segawa. Each one of them is held accountable to the highest level of care during their weekly meetings where they discuss the progress of each client.

Other practices do not spend more than just a few minutes taking notes on your session. Each Associate at ReVISION dedicates a full hour each week getting feedback to improve the quality of your care.

Your Ability to Escalate Issues: If you have an issue with your therapist in private practice, you are  just left frustrated. You can try and work it out with your therapist, but you won’t get a third party neutral perspective to look at the situation. If you have a negative experience your counselor or an experience that you are not quite sure about, it can leave you feeling hopeless. You were hoping to find solutions to your problems or relief from your pain, but instead, it seems that your therapist is adding to it. Why don’t the other therapist provide this service? Simple. It’s expensive. To hire additional resources cost a lot of extra money. This is an absurd thing to expect from a for-profit company. Our main focus is not designed to make a profit, but to help others heal.


How Much Does These Extra Features Cost You?

individualcounselingRZero, the company absorbs the cost to help provide top quality care and to give you a healthy way to address negative experiences. These additional services are included in your regular fee for each session. We are dedicated to the complete and total satisfaction of our clients. We are here for you and that is whole reason we exist. Our loss is your gain.



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