October 21, 2015

Peer Groups


Teen Peer Group

teensupportThere is a saying that is well known among those who have been involved in substance abuse recovery efforts for some time…“you never get sober alone.”

At ReVISION, we facilitate weekly group meetings designed for safe, open, honest communication amongst the teens in our program. Our experience demonstrates that this is one of the best ways for teens to share the challenges, struggles, and victories in their lives and feel connected to others who have similar experiences.

Many of the teens with whom we have worked with over the years have felt disconnected…at home, at school, even among some of their friends. That feeling of isolation can contribute to a sense of hopelessness, depression, and loneliness that is difficult to address. In a conversation among other teens, where each is free to express himself/herself freely, many have come to connect with others and better understand what is affecting them and how to deal with those issues.


Parent Peer Group

parentsupportgroupsOftentimes, parents feel as if they are the only ones going through the emotional rollercoaster of having a teen who is struggling with drugs, alcohol well. Our parent support groups are designed to be both educational and didactic. In dealing with these issues, but having the support of others going through similar problems with their teen is often what makes the difference in the adolescent’s recovery. There are real challenges that you will face in this process. We want you to feel as if you are not facing them alone.




Multi-Family Peer Group

_Multi Family Group 02 Whereas the individual family sessions are more focused on the intensive work happening within treatment as related to the specific dynamics at play within a family, our multi-family support groups are extremely helpful in broadening family members’ perspectives and understanding of the treatment process, as well as providing them with an understanding, sympathetic community to interact and process their experiences with.  These sessions are extremely valuable in allowing families experiencing similar concerns to process and learn from each other.  Though these sessions can certainly have their difficulties and challenges, we find this work to be powerful, rewarding, and also necessary to adolescents’ recovery.



Help Is Here

grouptherapyRLoneliness is a truly frightening place. When alone, fear and paranoia set in and become rooted. In a short amount of time, most individuals lose trust in everyone and begin to doubt their value. God made us to be social people, to talk, listen, engage with one another, touch and be touched by others. At ReVISION, part of the healing process involves being with others: sharing hurts, fears, joys, and hopes. We will listen to you.





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