August 14, 2018

Raelee Hood



I see hope in the most dire circumstances. Sometimes people in the worst circumstances make the most surprising recoveries. Underdogs are beautiful diamond’s in the rough. I like the underdogs because I can see their beauty that often times others don’t see.

When you trust someone, tears come; everything locked up inside oozes out and brings healing. Counseling helps you to see your true self-worth. When you speak and are truly heard and met with someone who believes in you, you begin to believe that you can change. I seek to be a great listener and compassionate to other people’s pain.

(Director’s Note: When speaking to Raelee, you get a sense that she’s been through everything and that nothing can shock her. If you feel ashamed of your past, she has a way of making you feel completely accepted. She shows genuine excitement for her clients. When she describes her client’s success, you can hear her enthusiasm and it is infectious.)

Has life been beating you down?  Maybe you’re wondering why your daughter feels so down on herself, even though she’s attractive and intelligent. Maybe your son has told you he feels stupid and hates his teacher as you watch his grades plummet.

How about you? Do you have trouble sleeping because you can’t shut your mind off?  Are you plagued by an addiction? Did you grow up in a broken home?

I work with everyday problems, but I also enjoy working with the really hard cases. I’ve comforted people who were rape victims, have eating disorders, were physically abused and/or, addicted to drugs. I remember being with a girl who sat in a fetal position eating 2 celery sticks a day.

Hi! My name is Raelee. I love hanging out with the underdogs. I relate because when I was a kid, I was fat, did not fit in, and people called me “Porky”.  I think I feel their loneliness because I was one of them.

Professional Experience:

I overcame many struggles myself and transformed myself into a  respected and hardworking employee at several Southern California drug and alcohol programs. I am currently the Program Director of Foley House where I supervise a 30 bed facility for women with children where I hired and developed a staff of five people.


Horses are my love. When I gallop, it feels like I’m holding nothing back. I clearly remember a time when I was riding and the horse jumped into the water and swam. It was a totally breathtaking and unforgettable experience.