October 19, 2015


_Female Teen Park Bench_03_shutterstock_93320851YOU are the key team member. The team is built around your needs and every member of our staff must be totally committed to restoring your real self. Your challenges did not just materialize overnight. More than likely, the issues developed over months, maybe even years, and they will not disappear overnight. Even for a professional, it takes time to understand the many factors that contributed to the challenges being faced and what will contribute to the restoration.

We know the teenage years can be a difficult time. Right now you’re trying to determine who you are while trying to make friends. The pressure to do well in school or choosing which college to attend can be overwhelming. In today’s society, making difficult decisions happens on a moment by moment basis without the benefit of experience nor knowledge of potential long-term repercussions. Maybe using drugs or alcohol started to fit in with friends, maybe they helped relieve anxiety, stress or depression, maybe they simply felt good, or it was simple curiosity. We will work together as a team to provide the support and treatment needed to restore your real self.

“We can’t solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.” —Albert Einstein

People who seek out ReVISION can address the challenges quickly and effectively instead of trying to deal with these challenges on their own. While it may not be easy to involve a stranger in a very personal matter, most people begin to appreciate the wisdom and guidance professionals can provide. Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of how to approach the problem together and individually.


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